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This is about...

...clarifying how and why your core strategic purpose is changing or evolving, making it clear what you are doing and why.

...improving how the business operates to execute strategy; clarifying roles and how the work flows end-to-end to deliver the value.

...ensuring leaders, managers, and team members have the capabilities necessary to do the work and execute strategy.

Key Questions:

  • Is your organization clear on the strategic choices and trade-offs that are the basis of your strategy?

  • Do you have a clear picture that outlines how value is created for customers and stakeholders?

  • Does your operating model reflect your strategic choices?

  • Are work activities and workflow aligned from top to bottom?

  • Does the entire organization understand how to execute?

  • Do you have a plan to move from your current operating model to your future-state model?

  • Do you have enough leadership capability?

  • Do you have the right approach and infrastructure to develop the capabilities necessary to get the work done and drive performance?

  • Is your leadership working as a cohesive team and performing at a high level?

Problem Statements We Have Helped Clients Frame & Address:

Changing Your Strategy

We are growing and we need to shift our GTM plan to focus less on products and more on value and solutions. What’s the best model and how do we get full alignment?

Cross-Functional Integration

We are leaving value on the table by not working across functions; it has made sense to focus on our silos, but going forward we need to think and act across, now down.

Leadership Excellence

We need a development program that builds the leadership capabilities we need now, but also scales for the challenges around the next corner.

New Operating Model

We are moving to an FSP model; our workflow and key roles will change. We need to clarify the new model so we can transform.

Success Profiles


Now that we’ve outlined the critical roles in our value chain, we need to be absolutely clear on the capabilities that drive excellence in those roles.

Working as a Team

We have several new members on the executive team; we need to align on our core culture going forward. We need to work together better as a team; it’s really starting to matter now.

New Sales Model

We have seen our sales slow down for two reasons; we need to adjust our sales motion and restructure the three key roles that make it work to get back on track.

Process Excellence

We are implementing an end-to-end platform to help us manage our business. It’s a major investment and critical to our ability to service customers and maintain profitability.

Talent Strategy

We are now big enough where we need a robust and comprehensive strategy to manage talent. We need to take this more seriously to more systematically develop the capabilities we need to win.

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