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We have been fortunate to support our clients address a variety of business situations. Below are three 

recent cases that might resonate with you and your organization.

Life Sciences Growth & Scale Plan 

This global medical device company was enjoying significant growth and expected to see ongoing growth – potentially tripling the business in approximately five years. Working closely with the CEO and the CHRO, we led the process to outline a detailed business and operational plan (e.g., GTM & sales strategy, segmentation plan, core business processes) to grow and scale the business. After a robust data-gathering process, this work resulted in a two-day working meeting where the executive team clarified strategic priorities,

outlined detailed solutions to address those priorities and challenges, documented robust action plans (i.e., with clear goals, milestones, timelines, owners, etc.), and discussed a change management and communication plan to drive understanding, alignment, and adoption through the entire organization.
Software Company Strategy 

This company restructured and re-organized to realize a new vision and growth plan, within in the context of its evolving client > product > network-focused and platform strategy. As healthcare continues to transform, this company needs to adopt its model to accommodate both anticipated and un-anticipated technology advances and innovation (e.g., wearables, embedded devices, remote delivery, big data/AI, etc.). All these advances

will have a profound impact on how people interface with healthcare providers and how information is leveraged to improve service and health outcomes. We helped this client outline these strategic choices and ultimately transform operations resulting in multiple functional restructuring efforts to increase focus and drive greater alignment of current operations to the future vision. This had major implications for where the client invests its time and resources, as well as clarify where greater levels of efficiencies are needed to simplify and focus efforts to these big bets (e.g., duplication of efforts across business functions; spans/layers; key management practices; key workflows & roles, etc.).
company valuation and the subsequent ability to invest and reach patients, it was imperative to accelerate the maturation and implementation of a next-gen operating model. We worked with four key cross-functional business groups to identify key process challenges, outline revised workflows and inter-dependencies, modify roles and responsibilities, and perhaps most importantly, collectively establish operating norms and behaviors necessary for increased coordination and alignment.
Cross Functional Excellence: Clinical Operations

A growing clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel first-in-class small molecules was experiencing the common integration, coordination, and alignment growing pains that come with success. With a strong pipeline, and as they continue to invest in more complex trials across multiple indications, their operations (e.g., site activation and enrollment) becoming increasingly complex. With key Phase II & III studies that have a high level of external visibility, driving

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